I have had the privilege to travel around the world exploring different cultures and meeting and working with people from many different backgrounds. While traveling I develop strong communication skills, the ability to relate to a wide variety of people and to tell the story from a fresh perspective. My favorite topics are sports, pop culture and current events.

I’ve loved sports since I was kid and my Grandma Garner and I used to watch anything baseball together.  We were especially big fans of the Houston Astros (my cousin Phil Garner was playing infield for them at the time). During my travels I have attended sporting events in every corner of the globe. I’ve been to events as close to home as the 1995 World Series (when the Atlanta Braves finally won the Championship), and events as far away as the UEFA final at Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain.

My experiences have made me a keen observer of the world. I am a man of rarely filtered strong opinion who tends to take a leadership role. Which I believe makes me a perfect candidate for GM of the Seattle Seahawks. Since that job is taken I am currently pursuing a career in Media Broadcasting and Media Production. A place where my gift of gab and know it all attitude can be put to good use.

Josh Coffee





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